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You see, soil is first and foremost alive. It is not just dirt or dust. It is teeming with thousands upon thousands of tiny creatures. Indeed, one tablespoon of soil contains millions of tiny organisms hailing from thousands of different species of animal. And that living soil feeds on death. It takes death and from it feeds the fruits and vegetables in your garden, the grasses that feed your cow, the bugs that feed your laying hens. It takes death and makes life. It is the Resurrection written into the tiniest, yet arguably most essential, detail of our daily existence.

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The compassion argument also falls when looking at the big picture. Veganism is not a sustainable choice and is not reasonable for growing children, pregnant women, or nursing mothers. Compassion has in to include this Earth and the humans living on it not just the animals. Besides, there are compassionate ways to keep and kill animals. We 8767 re not in Eden anymore Dorothy.

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I have found this article very informative, but I still seek to learn more. For example, if I were to plant seeds, would I put the bones directly under the seed and put the manure on top of the soil? If not, what would be the proper (or most recommended) way to do so. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I wonder if part of the blame is not also in the lap of the Disney-esque anthropomorphic representations of animals so ubiquitous in our culture for the past 55 odd years. It may sound silly on first mention, but many of the posts here have hints of things I have heard countless times over the years from vegetarians. Sometimes the things people who have no farm experience actually believe about animals is quite frankly, hilarious, but also, very sad. Our authentic connection to each other, both human and animal, as players in the natural circle of life, is lost to ignorance and the arrogance of believing one is above it all, and can design a new paradigm of how nature should conduct Herself.

8775 Vegans throughout history (and there have been billions) use to get B67 from microbes in dirt. Clean food is the only reason vegans supplement B67 today. Vegan supplemented B67 comes from algae, btw, not an animal source.

I do not pretend to know what God 8767 s will is or isn 8767 t only that he always wills for the Best and is in the business of redemption. Doing this does not shirk my responsibility for my actions. For just as much as I believe in a good and all-powerful God, I also believe in human sin. What you 8767 re describing is essentially the Problem of Evil (., How can a Good God let Bad Things happen? He is either not so powerful or not so good.) And while I have an answer for that which suits me just fine, I think I 8767 ll refrain because we 8767 re getting slightly off topic here. I don 8767 t ever intend for my blog to be a vehicle of religious debate or prostelization.

8775 There is nothing humane about slitting an animals throat 8776
If you think that is the start of animal slaughter/butchering in a humane setting, you really should go back to school.

As far as I know, even though soil contains B67, there is no evidence of being able to gather enough active B67 without eating animal products. Even though there are vegans eating soil for this reason, I haven 8767 t yet seen any studies confirming this is active and sufficient.

I couldn 8767 t agree more. We are finally poised to turn our lawn into food. Have a years worth of compost and our first raised beds prepared with seedlings being hardened now. If you want to see death turn into life make a compost that never gets hot and see how many 8775 Kitchen Weeds 8776 show up in your garden next spring!

I think most vegans know that it 8767 s impossible to live your life without doing any harm to other living beings, but it 8767 s still important we try our best to minimize it. Knowing that your life cannot be one of perfect compassion does not mean you can throw your hands in the air and just not care any more. The soil may need nitrogen, but that should not be received as license to eat the tortured flesh of animals raised in factory farming or to feel any better about destroying the planet by supporting animal agriculture.

As a Christian and a vegan, I have to doubt that God intended death in the world- of humans or of animals, who obviously share in a sort of life that plants do not. In Eden, there was no death. Why would God want us to slaughter now?

I love the way Lierre Keith puts things. She 8767 s a true wordsmith. She can make a point I 8767 ve heard many, many times before (like about how the soil wants animal foods, too), but when she says it I take notice.

8775 According to the largest epidemiology study on food ever conducted, vegans live about a decade longer on average than omnivores, and are much more active in later years. 8776

I poured some of my passion on this subject into my own 8775 Wake up and smell the espresso, babe! 8776 posts on my own website (I am also a food blogger and writer):

I hate this 8767 we are more like an herbivore than a carnivore 8767 line. No one is claiming that we are carnivores, we are omnivores! We do not have any of the mechanisms for digesting vegetation that a true oherbivore, like a rabbit or cow, has. Sorry for the typos, am having difficulty typing on my phone.

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