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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 00:52

I want to bounce something off of someone else besides a family member. So I 8767 m pregnant with my 8rd baby, due in December. It 8767 s my second boy. We 8767 ve been talking about names and I really like the name Jude Michael. [Read more.]

Jane Hansen and the Daily Telegraph-Stop the Smear

You can independently validate some things. You can’t independently validate whether a vaccine works. You can’t independently validate whether the Big Bang happened or a whole bunch of other things. It is these areas of “science” that are always the focus of controversy. The development of a new engine never gives us the same controversy. You even accidentally noted this yourself when you remarked that we don’t have websites devoted to telling people about the uselessness of televisions.

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If governments stopped propagandizing for, subsidizing and legally protecting pharma companies on these products I doubt there would be more than a handful of people on the planet who would consider taking them. They could if they wanted to as far as I am concerned, just like I think people should be allowed to inject heroin if they so desire – but don’t ask me to say it is a good idea.

Prof: Statistics Are 'NOT Analytical | The Daily Caller

Now we are told by the good doctors that it is genetic. Epigenetics is now forgotten- it 8767 s all blamed on genes- how convenient for the authorities. Injecting formaldehyde & polysorbate 85 into 67 hour-old babies is the epitome of insanity!

Nocompulsoryvaccination: The AVN has no ‘stance’ on herd immunity. The organisation is involved with enabling everyone to access information on vaccination which is actively suppressed by government authorities and medical bureaucracy as well as trying to protect the freedom to choose.

8775 Likewise, you can take note of the way he used the media to publicise his findings and spread his false message of fear – calling for the immediate ban of the MMR vaccine. 8776

Yes you are exactly right I am explaining there is a difference between a trigger and a cause of a disease. You asked Joe to differentiate between the two. I assume from you post that you were were unsure or thought they were the same thing. However, by definition you cannot have a trigger without the disease existing first and it 8767 s important to distinguish between the two for the purpose of this debate.

Triggers merely highlight that some underlying disease process has already begun. This is evident by treating triggers it doesn 8767 t alter the disease state – may improve quality of life but doesn 8767 t treat, cure or stop the progression of a disease. With asthma (treating triggers and symptoms) if you come off your meds it 8767 s only a short time before you end up in the emergency ward for most people. Also it is possible to treat a trigger for the entirety of a person’s life and they will still develop the disease – see my example of asthma in the previous post.

Meanwhile, whatever is said here, the AVN is under seige on many fronts and forthcoming NSW legislation, hopefully repeated elsewhere in Australia, is a huge step forward to counter anti-vaccination propaganda. Bring it on!

It 8767 s hard to believe that the villification of the unvaccinated is going on in Australia. What has the media degenerated into? Such journalists as those in the Telegraph are guilty of inciting hatred within the community. All backed up by the Editor, & then to the top in Rupert Murdoch.
This could lead to far worse than pen vitriol. This is how real violence what the medical profession wants.
And the bottom line is that there is no evidence of vaccine-acquired herd immunity or cocooning. It is pure theory. Further, the proponents of the hate message against the unvaccinated, including doctors, refuse to discuss the issue fairly & objectively. I wonder why!

Instead of responding to her in private therefore, I have decided to respond to her publicly and expose the incredible desperation being displayed by those in power who can’t seem to get the public to believe them no matter how hard they lie.

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If it works for you, fine, go ahead and do it, but don 8767 t push other poeple into it people who have reasearched and found the evidence is lacking and they choose to trust their bodies to fight the 8775 natural 8776 diseases. they refuse to implant synthesised bugs and preservatives into their system and stuff it up.
buy hey if you want to do that, go for it, we won 8767 t jump up and down and call you names if you do.

I thought it was 67 (perhaps you just mean those who blamed the MMR) but at any rate it was a case study. It could have just been one and it still would have been legitimate because case studies don 8767 t look at probabilities they try and explain associations. Did you not learn that in your PhD?

Personally I reckon the author is being kind. Peer-review is nothing short of poison for science. It has destroyed cosmology, medicine (at least the disease part), economics and other social sciences (luckily economics has enough intrinsic non-group thinkers to remain adversarial). And of course it gave us anthropogenic global warming.

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