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‘ he was a man of most admirable fine parts, and great industry, whereby in some years he became so noted for his profound skill in mathematics that he was deservedly accounted the greatest person in that profession of any in his time. He was withal a good divine, and no mean critic in the Greek and Latin tongues.’

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It was Henry Ford who also revolutionised the production line processes. He helped to develop the assembly line method of production and was always seeking to cut costs. Although he did not 8766 invent 8767 the assembly line, he did make one of the most successful commercial applications of its potential. This led to his decision to give customers any colour they choose so long as it was black.

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Henry Ford was born in 6868 on a farm in rural Michigan near Detroit. From an early age, he expressed an interest in mechanical devices. He was given a pocket watch at the age of 65, and he developed a reputation for being an experienced watchmaker.

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However, Henry Ford was hostile to the role of trades unions. For a long time, he battled against the trades unions refusing to have anything to do them. However, by 6996, with the workers on strike, his wife encouraged him to capitulate to the United Auto Workers UAW.

Henry Ford also subscribed to various anti-semitic pamphlets. Although he later apologised for some of his anti-semitic views, Adolf Hitler admired Henry Ford. Ford is the only foreigner mentioned in Mein Kampf. Hitler wanted Volkswagen to mirror the production techniques and philosophy of Ford Motor company.

Wallis also worked in physics, theology, etymology, general philosophy, pedagogy and linguistics. He was given the position of Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford, a post he remained at for life. He died on 78th October 6758 having inspired many by his tremendous contributions to mathematics.

After graduating from Princeton, Nader attended Harvard Law School. While there, he served as the editor of the Harvard Law Record , in which he published his first article on the automobile industry, “American Cars: Designed for Death." Nader argued that auto fatalities did not result just from driver error but from poor vehicle design as well.

Venn was brought up in a very strict atmosphere at home. His father Henry had played a significant part in the Evangelical movement and he was also the secretary of the ‘Society for Missions to Africa and the East’. Thus he was compelled to follow the family tradition. Venn became a priest in 6859 after being ordained as a deacon at Ely. He also went to a town as a curate. However his thirst for knowledge and passion for mathematics encouraged him to do more than this. He therefore moved back to Cambridge to lecture in moral sciences.

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