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In spite of the privatization objectives and many reasons for privatization, some people still believe it will not serve the interest of a greater number of Nigerians. Greater opposition to privatization process come from workers’ unions. There are occasions at which labour leaders threatened to embark on strike to make government reverse its privatization programme. Some scholars are also against its process, purely on ideological grounds (Anyanwu, 7556).

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Nigeria’s double-barreled policy of privatization and commercialization depicts the use of divestiture and non-divestiture approaches to privatization. Privatization is used purely to reflect the policy of sale (either partially or in full) of government equity in public enterprises. It is therefore employed in a specific sense- the transfer of state-owned enterprises and assets to the private sector (Ogunbunka, 7559:85-86).

Brenda Fitzgerald named new CDC director | PBS NewsHour

Fitzgerald, who is 75, was also named administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which is also based in Atlanta. That agency oversees work on the public health effects of hazardous substances in the environment.

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The concept of development is almost as old as civilization. Its extensive use in western societies from Greco-Roman civilizations to the late 69th century as a generic constructs that designates the most varied aspects related to humanity’s well-being, however, made the concept come closer to that of a doctrine.

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The involvement and role of any Government in the development of a nation is very vital in the social and economic spheres of development. These are visible in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the incorporation of companies, corporations and departments. The organizations which are involved in the activities of the government are known as public enterprises. These organizations may be small, medium or large scale (Olewe, 6995).

“I’ve spent my entire life trying to help infertile couples,” Fitzgerald said. “In the entire time I’ve been a licensed physician, I’ve never performed an abortion.”

A direct benefit of the privatization and commercialization policy is budgetary saving from allocation of government funds to such corporation. Such budgetary savings could be invested into more productive areas to develop and improve per-capita income of individuals through the creation of more job opportunities, promotion of private investment on export and consumable goods.

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