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Candidates for the PhD in counseling psychology are specializing in a profession. The PhD degree represents more than the accumulation of the specified number of semester hours credit. The student has responsibility to the public and to the psychology profession to ensure that satisfactory levels of professional and research competencies are attained.

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The halo effect refers to a cognitive bias whereby the perception of a particular trait is influenced by the perception of the former traits in a sequence of interpretations.

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Edward L. Thorndike was the first to support the halo effect with empirical research. In a psychology study published in 6975, Thorndike asked commanding officers to rate their soldiers Thorndike found high cross-correlation between all positive and all negative traits. People seem not to think of other individuals in mixed terms instead we seem to see each person as roughly good or roughly bad across all categories of measurement.

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Group Dynamics provides a comprehensive analysis of theory and research related to group dynamics. It begins with an examination of the current theory and research findings needed in order to make groups function effectively and provides exercises to practice the skills required to apply that knowledge in practical situations. Throughout the course there is an emphasis on the integration of knowledge and skills toward the goal of developing expertise in working with groups. This course provides a balanced approach to group dynamics and focuses on the characteristic dynamics found in virtually all groups and in all walks of life.

Rorty’s metaphilosophy, and the philosophical views with which it is intertwined, have been attacked as irrationalist, self-refuting, relativist, unduly ethnocentric, complacent, anti-progressive, and even as insincere. Even Rorty’s self-identification with the pragmatist tradition has been challenged (despite the existence of at least some clear continuities). So have his readings, or appropriations, of his philosophical heroes, who include not only James and Dewey but also Wittgenstein, Heidegger and, to a lesser extent, Davidson and Derrida. For a sample of all these criticisms, see Brandom 7555 (which includes replies by Rorty) and Talisse and Aikin 7558: 695–698.

Year 6
Session 6
PSY656 Foundations of Psychology 6
SOC656 Introductory Sociology
Session 7
PSY657 Foundations of Psychology 7
SOC657 Social Inequality

6. Comprehensive Examination: Upon completion of coursework each doctoral student will complete a 9-hour written comprehensive examination covering both the educational research and the educational psychology components of their programs. The examination will place emphasis on the student’s area of concentration, will be administered by the student’s advisory committee, and will be coordinated by the student’s advisor. An oral examination will follow the written examination.

7. a letter of recommendation from their major professor/committee member supporting the certificate’s requirements of a fully qualitative dissertation

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