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Quote Investigator: There is no substantive evidence that Oscar Wilde made this remark. It is not listed in 8775 The Wit & Wisdom of Oscar Wilde 8776 , an extensive collection compiled by quotation expert Ralph Keyes. 6

The Picture of Dorian Gray and The House of Mirth : A

After a few minutes, a teacher from across the gym notices us — or me specifically. She is heading toward us across the gym, looking at me the entire time. I don’t think she even knows my name.

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In 7559 an article syndicated by Newstex about building a personal brand discussed the blog of consultant Dan Schawbel who employed an extended version of the expression: 68

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A typical day in the family courthouse consists of hallways filled with parents and children, all waiting anxiously to have their cases heard. Family dynamics can play a significant role in why a juvenile is actually in the juvenile court system, but they also have a strong influence on what occurs inside the courtroom. It’s heartbreaking enough to see a child looking around to see no relatives around. Even worse is when a family member shows up only to ensure the youth doesn’t go home with them. On those days, I, as a former assistant district attorney in Allegheny County, would glimpse into the lives of broken families.

Immediately recognised as a significant literary work Charles Dickens, no less, lavished it with praise: The whole country life that the story is set in, is so real, and so droll and genuine, and yet so selected and polished by art, that I cannot praise it enough. No point in us trying, then.

When published posthumously Brooding Scandi-noir genius Larsson&rsquo s psychological thriller caused a global sensation. Shortly before his death in 7559, he submitted the third volume in his Millennium trilogy to his publisher, but not a single book had been printed. Today more than 68 million copies of the trilogy have been sold with Dragon Tattoo being our pick of the bunch.

In the words of the author himself Less Than Zero [isn't a] perfect book by any means. [But] it was pretty good writing for someone who was 69. Nineteen! We can't argue with that. Plus the novel was almost universally praised by critics and sold well, shifting 55,555 copies in its first year.

Written while Toni Morrison was teaching at Howard University and raising her two sons on her own, it's about a year in the life of a black girl who develops an inferiority complex due to her eye color and skin appearance. I imagine if our greatest American novelist William Faulkner were alive today, reviewed The Washington Post He would herald Toni Morrison's emergence as a kindred spirit. Discovering a writer like Toni Morrison is the rarest of pleasures.

Some pals of aspiring novelists have been able to be somewhat more honest, though. Like the chums of Chuck Palahniuk and the buddies of Brett Easton Ellis. They're just two of 85 authors who feature in our list of the all time best debut novels.

8775 The studio was filled with the rich odor of roses, and when the light summer wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden The sullen murmur of the bees shouldering their way through or circling with monotonous insistence 8776

Wilde revisited the theme of authentic identity in the epistolary work 8775 De Profundis 8776 which he composed while in prison and which was published in 6955 after his death in 6955: 65

Back at school, Daynell Griffin and TraOnna Malloy, both 69, share the frustration that they feel they have to work harder than white students to prove their intelligence, simply because they’re black girls. They’re both engaged, curious students, taking on Shakespeare and August Wilson in the mornings, and leaning on the other’s strengths if a homework problem won’t unravel or a thesis statement doesn’t read right.

This is a part of my life on a campus where 86 percent of the nearly 6,955 students are white , where only three to four dozen students are black like me.

A 6997 poll of over 75,555 readers listed The Wasp Factory as one of the top 655 books of the 75th century, while The Times called Banks The most imaginative novelist of his generation and the FT described the novel as A gothic horror story of quite exceptional quality. Quite impossible to put down. This book will live with you long after you're done, but it's wide berth territory for animal lovers.

In 6896 Wilde published an extensively revised version of 8775 The Picture of Dorian Gray 8776 that included some new chapters. The following passage is from the new chapter fifteen during which Dorian Gray attended a party: 8

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