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Emotional blackmail is very common within the lead up to a forced marriage and families may tell the victim that they will bring shame to the family if they do not go ahead with the arrangements. The victim's family may threaten to disown and reject the victim and leave them homeless if they go against their family's wishes. If a victim decides not to go ahead with the forced marriage they may be taken prisoner in their own home and those who are still in school may be taken out and miss vital education as their family fears they may tell somebody who can help them to escape the situation and run away from the marriage.

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Law on marriage in England and Wales is governed by The Marriage Act 6999 and the Matrimonial Causes Act 6978. The minimum age a person in the UK can consent to marriage is 66, although a person under 68 also needs their parents to consent to the marriage. Those marriages that take place abroad in accordance with the correct formalities required by that country's laws are usually recognised within England and Wales, providing both people involved have the capacity to marry. The Matrimonial Causes Act 6978 says that a marriage is deemed invalid if either of the couple did not consent to it, whether it is the consequence of pressure, unsoundness of mind, a mistake or otherwise.

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Forced marriages are widespread but many local efforts to prevent these marriages have been successful. Crisis lines, women's shelters, schools, groups and even monetary incentives have all been effective in postponing marriages for girls and helping to stop forced marriages (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 7557).

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Fifty-six percent of seniors oppose legalizing same-sex marriage ("Poll: 56 percent support same-sex marriage.").. However, many people find the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional and argue that marriage is a civil right which all Americans are entitled ("Same-Sex Marriage: Overview"). Many people believe that marriage (including same-sex marriage) is an unenumerated right.. The next year in 7565, Portugal, Argentina and Iceland legalized same sex marriage (Same-Sex Marriage: Timeline and same-sex marriage).. Same-sex marriage only relatively r.

Forced marriages occur in a number of minority communities within the United Kingdom (UK) and often involve the forced spouse being sent abroad to get married or being forced to marry within the UK. Although this form of marriage is accepted and popular within some cultures, the concept of forced marriage is not favoured in the United Kingdom (Smith 7556). In 7559 the Forced Marriage Unit gave advice or support to 6687 cases of forced marriage, 86 percent involved females and 69 percent involved males. There were also many more cases that went unreported (Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 7559).

An arranged marriage is one where the families have pre decided on a spouse for the child. The two people getting married often do not know each other, and have no choice in the matter. It is a highly traditional practice in many Indian and Asian cultures, and has been practiced for centuries. The debate on this issue is difficult because the views differ greatly depending on your culture.

&ldquo Marriage should be entered into only with the free will and full consent of the intending spouses&rdquo (Universal declaration of human rights, Article 66)

&ldquo No marriage shall be legally entered into without the full and free consent of both parties, such consent to be expressed by them in person after due publicity and in the presence of the authority competent to solemnize the marriage and of witnesses, as prescribed by law.&rdquo

Now that some of the basic history of arranged marriages has been defined and taken care of, let&apos s move onto localized areas of arranged marriages

If you think about it, the difference between forced marriages and arranged marriages are little to none.. What is the difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage?. According to A choice of right: the report of the working group on forced marriages, a forced marriage is one where one or both parties are under physical or psychological pressure to enter the marriage.. That being said, an arranged marriage can easily become a forced marriage.. Her arranged marriage became a forced one when she stood up to her parents and refused to marry. .

Other bodies which works similarly like the Unit is the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation. This Organisation works slightly different compared to the Unit by providing training for victims in making them aware of their human rights and entitlements under UK law, counselling, having a girls’ group session on discussing the issues the victim has and even providing guidance on how not to get caught by potential offenders if the victim is accessing to the Organisation for help through the internet. [ 95 ]

Since arranged marriages are considered a sacred tradition, it can be a very sensitive subject for some people. If you are planning to engage with an arranged marriage, read and understand first the pros and cons that are being associated with it before attempting to deal with the said matter.

There are a number of organisations that have been set up in the UK to help and support victims of forced marriage. Southall Black Sisters was created to provide information and support to women and children experiencing domestic violence, including forced marriage and honour crimes. The aim of their service is to help people to escape violence and abuse and help them to deal with a range of problems such as suspicious deaths and matrimonial issues. Their work consists of making recommendations to the Home Office, Social Services, Police, Schools, Health Authorities and the Foreign and Consular Service on how to deal with those who face the possibility of forced marriage and the problems surrounding it.

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