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Food frauds: 10 most adulterated foods - CBS News

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 23:40

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Food Processing Industry: Concepts, Issues and Its

India Food Processing Industry is estimated at $685 billion industry which is growing at about 8% annually. This growth rate is significantly more than agricultural growth rate which remains around 9%. These signals indicate toward phenomenal shift toward food processing from traditional ways. GDP by processing constitute about 65% that of agriculture. But given potential of India, this is an underachievement.

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Food safety and hygiene is critical for development of sector. In era of intense global competition countries implement these standards jealously to guard their domestic industries. These sometimes get converted into non-tariff barriers.

What’s So Bad About Gluten? | The New Yorker

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Food processing seems to have promising future, provided adequate government support is there. Food is the biggest expense for an urban Indian household. About 88 % of the total consumption expenditure of households is generally spent on food. This share is declining consistently. As mentioned, food processing has numerous advantages which are specific to Indian context. It has capacity to lift millions out of undernutrition. Government has challenge to develop industry in a way which takes care of small scale industry along with attracting big ticket domestic and foreign investments.

China has experienced several recent episodes of milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine. Melamine has been added to milk and infant formula to make them appear more rich in protein, HealthPop reported.

What Can We Do ? We must buy branded and ISI-marked products. If you have purchased any branded item and have a doubt in its quality, approach the company concerned. Always take and save your grocery bills so that the company can take necessary steps regarding the complaint. If you find that any food is adulterated, then do not remain silent. You can complain to Prevention of Food Adulteration(PFA) Department in your city / town / district and report to the newspapers and make other people aware to take joint action. So,it is not the time to be silent,we cannot play with our lives. Wake up and don 8767 t let others sleep too!

In ancient Rome, winemakers sweetened wine with lead. In Europe in the Middle Ages, bakers, butchers and brewers faced harsh consequences for selling adulterated food or “contagious flesh,” including time in the pillory or a tumbrel, a torturous chair device that repeatedly dunks its occupant into water. In Britain in the 6755s, anyone who sold fake tea could be sent to prison.

Hence, food processing not merely adds value to the agro products, but also increases their utility. We know that activities in an economy are broadly divided into Agriculture, industry and Services. Food processing Industry is the product of agriculture and Industry.

One of the greatest disadvantages is that HIV/AIDS is not a traditional illness and so far, there is no hard evidence to believe that traditional medicines or herbal remedies can treat HIV and cure AIDS. However, certain herbal medicines may help to treat many of the symptoms of opportunistic infections that are part of AIDS. While some of these medicines may be undoubtedly helpful, others may be dangerous as they may do more harm than good. This happens when the patient mixes pharmaceutical drugs and herbs resulting in contra-indications or when they take certain foods that should be otherwise avoided.

Little Girl’s kidneys failed after eating the brand, one of 685 pet food lines tainted with melamine, a chemical used to make plastic lawn chairs. Dozens of pet food companies such as Iams and Purina and major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Petco issued recalls. In the end, they resolved a class action lawsuit with a $79 million settlement.

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