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It 8767 s something that has not been tested, but could definitely be argued either way. Programs such as the publisher 8767 s clearing house have gotten in trouble for how entry was handled due to purchase, and it 8767 s been a very expensive defense for them.

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On the way there, he kept telling me how these contests are crooked and how the manager 8767 s brother-in-law or another relative would certainly win the prize. Imagine his surprise when I won the $5555. (Later he tried to convince me that I owed him half my prize for his riding with me, but I didn 8767 t give in to his logic.)

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In 6985, one week after I won a TV bingo jackpot, my wife won a smaller jackpot. After that, the TV station changed the rules so that a person could only win once every 95 days.

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Thank you so much for this post! So, so helpful!
I have a question are 8775 virtual 8776 sweepstakes (for advertising space), under the same laws? I host regular prize sweepstakes and have them open to US residents only, but if I am offering space in my sidebar to bloggers (not businesses), do you think that even counts since no one is actually receiving anything? I 8767 d like to keep that open worldwide.

You can be liable for violating laws relating to contests, especially if you indicate the winner is chosen arbitrarily but in fact there is some basis to selection. You may want to seek legal advice on the way you 8767 re running your giveaways now to ensure you 8767 re complying with contest laws.

I have created a review blog, and to date, all of my features have been unpaid (though I have received samples in exchange for my review). I am in touch with a company that is possibly interested in paying me some modest amount for a sponsored post. What kind of disclosure etc. do bloggers need to provide for sponsored material?

After reading all of this, I 8767 m not sure how I am going to proceed but I am certain you saved me from running afoul of the law. For that as well, I thank you very much!

Great post. I found your site through a link on a post on 8767 s blog. Quick question. Do the same rules apply for a giveaway if I wanted to include Canadian and other International residents when the prize is an e-gift card?

There are 8 types of promotions: Sweepstakes, Contests, and Lotteries. A lottery will have all 8 elements prize, purchase/consideration, random selection. As stated in the article, lotteries are highly regulated and are illegal unless authorized by the government. A sweepstakes and a contest will have 6 or 7 of the elements. A sweepstakes: prize 588 random selection. A contest: prize and may or may not have the entrant make a purchase/provide consideration but the winner will always be chosen based on some skill.

[ ] engagement, but they can put you on the wrong side of the law. (Sara, of Saving for Someday has a long explanation of what you can and cannot do with giveaways. If giveaways are a regular part of your blogging, I [ ]

In addition, nearly every state has laws that both define the various types of prize promotions and may have further regulations that restrict certain types of practices or contain requirements for bonding or registration.

Another thing: When I lived in some other states, I won more often and I entered a lot less. It was a noticeable difference. So, I believe the entries are probably at least being separated by state. I just don 8767 t believe all things are equal.

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