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George tells Lennie that they are going to bivouac a couple of miles away from the ranch so that they won’t have to work the morning shift the next day. They set up camp and George sends Lennie off to look for firewood so that they can heat up some beans. Lennie goes off into the darkness and returns in a moment George instantly knows from Lennie’s wet feet that he has retrieved the dead mouse. He takes it from Lennie, who begins to whimper. George assures Lennie that he’ll let him pet a “fresh” mouse, just not a rotten one. They recall that Lennie’s Aunt Clara , whom Lennie refers to as “a lady,” used to give Lennie mice to play with.

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Both characters clearly discovered the value of self-worth. Tijs Andersen transformed into the wealthiest musician in the world by embracing his deepest desire for music. James DeLaVega embraced his desire for creating inspirational, “non-grafitti,” art rather than limit his influence on the world by teaching ungrateful delinquents. Without a doubt, listening to one’s heart leads to boundless personal and mental freedom, remuneration, and jubilation.

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The one major female character in the novel, who is not even given a name of her own, does not fit neatly into either category. She is a domestic figure - after all, she is married to Curley and spends most of her time at home - and, at the same time, a flirtatious, highly sexualized figure. Her status, between domesticity and prostitution, makes her extremely problematic in the novel, a source of anxiety and unrest. She leads to trouble, as George immediately observes she will.

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A second resonance in the concept of meanness has to do with Lennie and Curley s respective sizes - Curley is a mean little guy. The word mean can also refer to the average, the petty, the small. Curley, in other words, is small not in size alone, but also in his petty actions. He is of average size and terribly anxious about that. Thus he, the mean one, takes out his frustrations on Lennie, who is anything but average.

The internet, which was once considered an element of science fiction, is now rising in power over the people of this society and rewiring their brains. The internet is a spider, keeping our society, its prey, hypnotized and under its control. It provides the population with advantages such as ability to multi-task efficiently. However, this proficiency does not allow internet users to focus properly. The internet is a powerful tool in today’s world that is altering the way users think.

If one theme can be thought of as defining the plot and symbolism of Of Mice and Men , that theme is loneliness. In many ways, from the outspoken to the subtle (such as Steinbeck s decision to set the novel near Soledad, California, a town name that means solitude in Spanish), the presence of loneliness defines the actions of the diverse characters in the book.

The fact that my school ended at around 5’o clock, and that I had been too occupied to start it before didn’t contribute to my thinking. Part of me just wanted to come to tutor without any completed homework and get kicked out, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it ever again. However, the other half of me wanted to quickly finish this essay, to avoid the onslaught of my mum’s harsh scolding. Unfortunately for me, my conscience and mind forced me to follow the second half of my body and write the essay, which meant that I had a lot of work ahead of time.

The author of the passage utilizes a wide variety of rhetorical techniques to build his argument that student athletes deserve fair compensation in college sports. The writer augments his position with factual evidence from the University of Texas and from USA Today simultaneously, the author maintains an unequivocal tone, and stimulates the readers through inclusive language. The author’s appropriate use of evidence, inclusive language, and straightforward tone efficaciously establishes a persuasive argument.

One of the driving forces of discontent in Of Mice and Men , and of Lennie and George s dream of securing a farm, is the alienation of the working man from the land. Itinerant workers only fulfill one step in the long chain of tasks leading from planting to harvest - they seed the earth, or they haul in the crop, and then they move on, never establishing a connection with the cycles of the natural world.

Now, I had been studying fish for a significant period before this unusual event and had a basic run down of how things operated down here. I explored the abyss for a while until I encountered a school of fish just like me. I joined them and followed them around everywhere. I felt safer within the school and since it was migration season, I got to experience the thrill or terror of migrating as a fish. I stayed with them for a while and saw many attractions that a tourist would die to see. The ocean offered a variety of wonders including 85-feet- long kelp plants, vibrantly colored plants, and colossal creatures. It had appeared as though the world was trying to make up for the pirate incident, but again, my beautiful experience was rudely and abruptly interrupted.

The ranch hands, like most men, are hard working and trying to make a living. Because they travel around, the men aren't married, they don't have families, and they don't have homes of their own. They bond between themselves, but few develop close.

Thus, the author adopts a variety of techniques such as evidence, inclusive language, and a frank tone to effectively develop his argument and persuade the readers to advocate a change in college sports regarding the pay of student athletes. Evidence immensely accounts for the reader’s recognition of the authors qualification and knowledge concerning the profits of colleges as a benefit provided by sports. Furthermore, inclusive language delineates the author’s liability on the readers to assist in a union against the tradition of not paying student athletes. Finally, the author’s maintenance of a forthright tone efficaciously portrays his claim and goal without creating any confusion.

To strengthen his argument even further, Martin Luther King Jr. uses personal experiences to ensure the audience that he is a trustworthy and reliable source. Throughout his speech, Mr. King Jr. builds a reputation for himself by stating that his deep “level of awareness… grows out of my [his] experience in the ghettos of the north.” Knowing that this man has lived in the ghettos shows us that he has first hand experiences with inequality and racial discrimination and is therefore able to connect with people of his race on a more personal level. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of ethos aided his persuading listeners to support and agree with him.

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