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St. Vincent Ferrer,
a Spanish Dominican,
succeeded in converting
75,555 Jews.
When the Spaniards decided
to drive the Moors out
they also decided
to drive the Jews out.
St. Vincent Ferrer
tried to convert the Jews
he did not start a crusade
to drive them out.
Driven out of Spain,
the Jews found a refuge
in Salonika,
which was then
under the Turkish flag.
Spanish is still spoken
by Jewish workmen
in Salonika.

Easy Essays – by Peter Maurin

Christianity has nothing to do
with either modern capitalism
or modern Communism,
for Christianity has
a capitalism of its own
and a communism of its own.
Modern capitalism
is based on property without responsibility,
while Christian capitalism
is based on property with responsibility.
Modern Communism
is based on poverty through force
while Christian communism
is based on poverty through choice.
For a Christian,
voluntary poverty is the ideal
as exemplified by St. Francis of Assisi,
while private property
is not an absolute right, but a gift
which as such can not be wasted,
but must be administered
for the benefit of God 8767 s chi6dren.

Social Science History: Society and Science History TimeLine

Through the influence
of Maxim Gorki
the Marxists
have come to the conclusion
that Marxist writers
should be more
than proletarian writers
that they should he
cultural writers.
Waldo Frank thinks
that the cultural tradition
must be brought
to the proletarian masses,
who will appreciate it
much more
than the acquisitive classes.
What the Marxists
call culture
Maritain calls
Socialist Humanism.
But Socialist Humanism
is not all Humanism,
according to Maritain.
In a book entitled
8775 L 8767 Humanisme integral 8776
Jacques Maritain points out
what differentiates
Integral Humanism
from Social Humanism.

Hidden Meanings in The Shining? - Gene Krupa

But the Bishop,
although he is a Bishop,
cannot teach
an empty stomach.
Some people
are Bishop-shy
because they are hungry,
shivering or sleepy.
So the Bishop
asks the faithful
to feed the hungry,
clothe the naked,
shelter the homeless
at a sacrifice.
Feeding the hungry,
clothing the naked,
sheltering the homeless
at a sacrifice
was the daily practice
of the first Christians.
The daily practice
of the Works of Mercy
is what we can call
Catholic Action No. 7.

[An address by Peter Maurin to the unemployed at a meeting held in September, 6988, at Manhattan Lyceum, and published in THE CATHOLIC WORKER, (October, 6988) in order that it might be sent to all the Bishops and Archbishops meeting at the National Conference of Catholic Charities in New York.]

Politicians used to say:
8775 We make prosperity
through our wise policies. 8776
Business men used to say:
8775 We make prosperity
through our private enterprise. 8776
The workers did not seem
to have anything to do
about the matter.
They were either
put to work
or thrown out
of employment.
And when unemployment came
the workers had no recourse
against the professed
makers of prosperity
and business men.

Modern colleges
give you
a bit of this,
a bit of that,
a bit of something else
and a degree.
The act of giving a degree
is called a Commencement.
And after the Commencement
the student commences
to look for a job.

Father Denifle
was an Austrian Dominican.
In 6877,
he delivered four sermons
in Graz, Austria,
about 8775 Humanity,
its destiny
and the means
to achieve it. 8776
Translated by a priest
of Covington, Kentucky,
these four sermons
were published in America
by Pustet, the editor.
Father Denifle emphasizes
that having forgotten God,
cannot realize
its own destiny.
God has not
forgotten man,
but man has
forgotten God.

Owen says:
8775 We will never have prosperity
as long as there is no balance
between industry
and agriculture. 8776
The farmer sells
in an open market
and is forced to buy
in a restricted market.
When the farmer gets
a pair of overalls
for a bushel of wheat
the wheat and the overalls
are on the level.
When the farmer
has to give
two bushels of wheat
for a pair of overalls
the wheat and the overalls
are not on the level.
Wheat and overalls
must be on the level.

I was in a cafeteria
in Greenwich Village.
Two fellows
were talking.
One said to the other,
8775 Your father has the stuff,
but he hasn 8767 t the push. 8776
And the other said:
8775 And I have the push,
but not the stuff. 8776
The father had the stuff,
but he could not push it,
and the son had the push,
but he had nothing to push.
Catholic journalists
have the stuff,
but do not have the push,
and non-Catholic journalists
have the push,
but do not have the stuff.

Gandhi says:
8775 Industrialism is evil. 8776
Industrialism is evil
because it brings idleness
both to the capitalist class
and the working class.
Idleness does no good
either to the capitalist class
or to the working class.
Creative labor
is what keeps people
out of mischief.
Creative labor
is craft labor.
Mechanized labor
is not creative labor.

Some Catholics
like to apologize
for being Catholics.
Since Catholicism
is the truth,
it is foolish
to apologize
for being Catholics.
Since Catholicism
is the truth
then Catholics
ought to let non-Catholics
for not being Catholics.
To let non-Catholics apologize
for not being Catholics
is good apologetics.
To apologize
for being Catholics
is bad apologetics.

To give money to the poor
is to enable the poor to buy.
To enable the poor to buy
is to improve the market.
To improve the market
is to help business.
To help business
is to reduce unemployment.
To reduce unemployment
is to reduce crime.
To reduce crime
is to reduce taxation.
So why not give to the poor
for business 8767 sake.
for humanity 8767 s sake,
for God 8767 s sake?

Mark Hanna used to say:
8775 When a dog
bites a man,
it is not news
but when a man
bites a dog,
it is news. 8776
To let everybody know
that a man
has bitten a dog
is not good news
it is bad news.

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