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Basically, the Discussion contains several parts, in no particular order, but roughly moving from specific (., related to your experiment only) to general (how your findings fit in the larger scientific community). In this section, you will, as a rule, need to:

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide

The scientific method, you 8767 ll probably recall, involves developing a hypothesis, testing it, and deciding whether your findings support the hypothesis. In essence, the format for a research report in the sciences mirrors the scientific method but fleshes out the process a little. Below, you 8767 ll find a table that shows how each written section fits into the scientific method and what additional information it offers the reader.

Writing your lab report/worksheet - Chemistry Lab

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8775 As a control for the temperature change, we placed the same amount of solute in the same amount of solvent, and let the solution stand for five minutes without heating it. 8776

To see a side-by-side comparison of the three most widely used citation styles, including a chart of all APA citation guidelines, see the Citation Style Chart.

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Well, MATLAB ® stands for MATrix-LABoratory and this site is dedicated to working with matrices, vectors, arrays. and MATLAB, of course. You can find and learn from plenty of examples, tutorials, applications (some basic and some advanced), and. I hope you can also have fun!

I like this science laboratory, and I want you to enjoy it too that's the idea behind this site. My first goal is to get you started quickly and pleasantly.

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At the undergraduate level, you can often draw and label your graphs by hand, provided that the result is clear, legible, and drawn to scale. Computer technology has, however, made creating line graphs a lot easier. Most word-processing software has a number of functions for transferring data into graph form many scientists have found Microsoft Excel, for example, a helpful tool in graphing results. If you plan on pursuing a career in the sciences, it may be well worth your while to learn to use a similar program.

Describe the control in the Methods section. Two things are especially important in writing about the control: identify the control as a control, and explain what you 8767 re controlling for. Here is an example:

LabWrite Project 7555. [/labwrite] A repository of great aids to writing successful lab reports, including pre- and post-lab checklists and a Microsoft Excel tutorial.

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing this section isn 8767 t what you should talk about, but what you shouldn 8767 t talk about. Writers often want to include the results of their experiment, because they measured and recorded the results during the course of the experiment. But such data should be reserved for the Results section. In the Methods section, you can write that you recorded the results, or how you recorded the results (., in a table), but you shouldn 8767 t write what the results were—not yet. Here, you 8767 re merely stating exactly how you went about testing your hypothesis. As you draft your Methods section, ask yourself the following questions:

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