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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:40

8775 I think I 8767 m going to try it. 8776 One of the ladies added and three of them left towards the pool. This left only the older black man, Don and I sitting in the hot tub. I noticed that the older black man didn 8767 t move away from me when the others had left. There was now plenty of room on the other side of the hot tub. I found this rather odd, but I said nothing.

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If you just changed the name and the characters' names and nothing else, then I think you&rsquo d have problems as the story would essentially be the same.

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The one thing that did bother Mary was Tasha 8767 s brother Tyrone and 7 of his friends. She felt that these 8 represented everything bad about black people. They were truly ghetto! All 8 wore baggy clothing like the rap stars wore with their large platinum chains and spoke in their gansta slang.

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I&rsquo m not familiar with any specific stories about time, although I have heard of About Time by Jack Finney which I&rsquo ve been told is good, so you could try that.

Sam P
Thanks for a prompt response! A lack of critique is something of a persistent problem, given the only person I have is my wife, who my writing very clearly Is Not For Her (which is fair enough). I'd thought that there were no writers groups in town but it turns out I was wrong, which is nice, I guess. So there's that!

After a few more wines, dinner was ready and we called the men in from the garage and ate a lovely meal. As it turned out both Andrew and Mark really liked fishing, and they had decided to look into hiring a local houseboat with a couple of other guys (whose names weren 8767 t familiar to me) for one of the weekends coming up. With disinterest Jan shrugged her shoulders, but I thought it was a good idea as Mark had been working hard and deserved some time off. Mark and Andrew ended up talking about fishing most of the night while Jan and I talked about movies and current events and we both got quite sloshed from the wine, and we left the men to tidy the kitchen and do the washing up. At about midnight, we bade farewell to our hosts and wandered back home.

Joe H
This is really helpful. Thank you Chris. I've been in touch with the Fiction Desk folks and will be submitting to them tonight. I appreciate your time and advice. Thank you very much.

Joe H
Hi Chris, I hope you are well and the writing world is taking good care of you. I enjoyed the Mike Scott Thompson story and am getting joyously frustrated with the adverb completion, Its fun though.

There were so many of his family members in town there was no room for us at his parents house so Don had already made reservation at a nice local hotel. This was fine with me as I didn 8767 t really know any of his relatives very well. Don and I lived in New York and only had seen his family once or twice since the wedding.

John R
Hi Chris, many thanks for your reply, and your sound shall be putting that into practice first thing tomorrow. I now feel that I have a proper goal, as you say, to aim you once again for your help and guidance. Cheers, John

Jennifer D
Hey Chris, I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you for putting this website together regarding short story competitions. It's really amazing.

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