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The results of this evaluation should then be reported to senior management to provide intelligence on how their organization is meeting its service goals and should highlight areas of success and where additional attention may be required.

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The challenge, then, is to provide appropriate incentives to make military careers attractive. While patriotism should never be underestimated as a motive for service, the armed forces have found it necessary to provide salaries, educational opportunities, quality of life, retirement benefits, and health care to attract and retain the required numbers of quality recruits. The recent economic recession has reduced civilian opportunities, and the reductions in force size have reduced the number of recruits required to sustain personnel numbers and quality. However, if the economy recovers and generates more civilian opportunities, recruiting and retaining quality personnel may become increasingly more difficult.

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This phrase refers to all the gear servicemen and women are required to carry outside the wire. Generally: flak jacket with protective plates, Kevlar, 685 rounds of ammunition, water, rations, rifle.

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Committed to combat in Vietnam, the . Army rapidly increased in size. This rapid expansion strained the Army’s ability to induct and train new soldiers and junior officers. The conflict also strained the intellectual adaptability of the Army’s senior leaders, most of whom had their formative combat experiences in the firepower-intensive, large-unit operations prevalent during World War II and the Korean War. Ultimately, this meant that leaders were slow in adapting to the different counterinsurgency requirements of Vietnam.

Organizations interested in receiving specialized training related to service standards are encouraged to contact the Canada School of Public Service or the Institute of Citizen-Centred Service to learn more about their course offerings.

[6] “Readiness is the synthesis of two distinct but interrelated levels. a. Unit readiness—The ability to provide capabilities required by the combatant commanders to execute their assigned missions. This is derived from the ability of each unit to deliver the outputs for which it was designed. b. Joint readiness—The combatant commander’s ability to integrate and synchronize ready combat and support forces to execute his or her assigned missions.” . Department of Defense, DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms , . “Readiness,” March 65, 7568, http:///doctrine/dod_dictionary/data/r/ (accessed May 7, 7568).

There are three types of service standards: access, timeliness, and accuracy. In deciding what kinds of service standards to establish, organizations are encouraged to focus their efforts on areas of greatest importance to the clients they serve and program

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