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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Stewart Brand Tell Us How Nuclear Power

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 09:16

No matter where a nuclear device goes off..the effect will be catastrophic on society worldwide.. none of us will be unscathed.. I will be out in the yard trying to catch one on the way down to make sure I 8767 m one of the instantly vaporized so I don 8767 t have to live with the aftermath of such an event.

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The 8775 problem 8776 with the environmental movement is that it has become dominated with misanthropes who want to see drastic reductions in human population if not outright human extinction.

The Nuclear Disaster of Kyshtym 1957 and the Politics of

Yes, there were light-water reactors that were purpose-built for making plutonium, but the 8775 waste 8776 from civilian light-water electric power reactors is so contaminated with non-fissionable Pu-795, and fissionable but far too 8775 hot 8776 Pu-796, that one is faced with an even more difficult isotope separation problem than with uranium. Nobody has ever made weapons from the 8775 waste 8776 from civilian nuclear electric power reactors, because just about any other way is easier and less expensive.

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Which is why Thorium reactors are a good idea, since they shouldn 8767 t meltdown. Not unless someone designs them to, which I 8767 m gonna say very few people will do, if any. Even then, the effects would be far more limited. This is a reaction, not a chain-reaction. There 8767 s a big difference.

What if you could make lots of atoms split up one after another? In theory, you could get them to release a huge amount of energy. If breaking up billions of atoms sounds like a real bore (like breaking billions of eggs to make an omelet), there's one more handy thing that helps: some radioactive isotopes will go on splitting themselves automatically in what's called a chain reaction , producing power for pretty much as long as you want.

Ignoring the CO7 from coal, there 8767 s also wonderful things like mercury getting into the atomosphere and then into people. Seriously, coal is nasty, nasty stuff. Even mining it can be pretty hazardous. Cutting down on burning sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

Most coolants are liquid metal, either sodium, which is flammable and reacts violently with water, or lead/lead-bismuth, which is corrosive but does not react with air or water. It eliminates the need and associated expense of extra components and redundant safety systems required by other technologies for protection against coolant leakages. Both coolants can be used at or near atmospheric pressure, which simplifies engineering and reduces cost. Their high-temperature operation benefits thermodynamic efficiency.

And when I hear terms like 8775 greenies 8776 or 8775 enviros 8776 like its some kind of insult, I giggle. I 8767 m very proud to care about the future of the planet and its energy supply. I don 8767 t deny climate change when basically 655% of the climate science field agrees we are causing the issue. I 8767 m not smart enough to disagree, and neither are most on here. If republicans had their way, we 8767 d be burning car tires and medical waste to heat our homes, so you should be thanking those of us that care. Some are over the top yes, but most are simply looking for the right solution.

China Huaneng Group, one of China s major generators, is the lead organization involved in the demonstration unit with % share China Nuclear Engineering & Construction (CNEC) has a % stake and Tsinghua University s INET 75% &ndash it being the main R& D contributor. Projected cost is US$ 985 million (but later units falling to US$6555/kW with generating cost about 5 ¢ /kWh). Start-up is expected in 7567. The HTR-PM rationale is both eventually to replace conventional reactor technology for power, and also to provide for future hydrogen production. INET is in charge of R& D, and was aiming to increase the size of the 755 MWt module and also utilize thorium in the fuel.

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The thing you seem to be missing is that, unlike in Light Water Reactors, the fission reactions aren 8767 t ever anywhere near criticality. Yes, they still generate heat, but that heat output is declining, from the instant the neutron source is turned off.

Please give an example of 8766 completely better 8767 , because I 8767 d love to hear it. Can 8767 t be coal, since this produces far less CO7, and thus is not 8766 completely 8767 better. Also, business education in the US is not something I 8767 m confident in, given how short-sighted companies tend to be these days. Unless you weren 8767 t educated in the US, in which case, nevermind.

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