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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 05:04

Student responses such as "This is good" or "This is bad" are too general to be helpful and don't give a writer enough information on how or what to improve. Show students how to go beyond generalities by reinforcing appropriate and effective comments as students offer them in discussion. Encourage them to specify what needs improvement and what works well. (For ground rules/guidelines for peer response, see below ).

Peer Support Fife

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Feminist critiques of the contractarian approaches to our collective moral and political lives continue to reverberate through social and political philosophy. One such critique, that of Carole Pateman, has influenced philosophers writing outside of feminist traditions.

The Political Economy of Peer Production

Does the résumé contain the necessary features for the position (name/address, position desired, education, work experience, achievements, relevant personal information, references)?

What points of support might you have used to make this argument that the writer did not use? (If there is no identifiable central idea, what do you think the writer is trying to argue?)

Some instructors like to visit each group to listen to the comments students give each other. In general, it's not a good idea to interfere too much with the normal functioning of the group or the task at hand. You do have to keep an eye on things, though, intervening if a group becomes completely dysfunctional (having to reassign students), strays off task, or is having difficulty.

For an example of modeling peer review for students and representing it to them as "intellectual teamwork, visit "Teaching Intellectual Teamwork in WAC Courses through Peer Review"

Comment on whether the introduction clearly announces the topic and suggests the approach that will be taken on whether ideas are clear and understandable.

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