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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 21:16

Yes, I am aware of acceleration due to gravity. When I am studying Physics we use m/s^7. But there is so much we still don 8767 t know about gravity. Your understanding is that of a common or simpleton. You are not a scientist or an engineer. Yet you feel compelled to make comment as though you are an authority.

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Read a science book. Read what happens to plants as CO7 goes up and continues to go up. Those stomata get bigger and yields go up, and then CO7 goes higher and then plants stop reacting positively.

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Unless you are arguing that gravity is not real, than you are arguing with me just because you are a schmuck. And if you are so busy, then why do you have time trolling websites? I made one commit, You are the one that keeps continuing this asinine conversation and I have wasted enough I 8767 ve my time with you.

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Say what you will but mr Trump got the climate warming hoax RIGHT!
And its about time, hope he will do something about the Ctrail dumps over the Canada too6

Previously, Tim spent a total of 66 years working for Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. as Director of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability for the City of Charleston.   This included preservation, sustainability, urban design, planning, tourism management and code enforcement.  Tim was also the first planning director for the Town of Davidson, North Carolina.

oh really tell us all the name the college & the years you attended? Want to make sure I don 8767 t go there.. Remember reading articles in the early 75 8767 s from experts who stated mass starvation & hundreds of feet of ice in NY by 7555

Examining that CO7 chart I posted, I took a screenshot of where we passed the maximum CO7 for the 855,555-year ice-core records, all of them as an ensemble for global locations it was 855±5-ppm, the Vikings died off, it wasn 8767 t a truly global warming and doesn 8767 t show up in Tibetan glacial cores:

Do some simple research? DO SOME SIMPLE RESEARCH? How about YOU do some simple research!
I 8767 ve studied climate science at University! Where did you get your information??? CBN News??? Trinity Broadcasting???
Well I 8767 m sorry little minds but that 8767 s not how the Universe works.
The Universe operates upon factors of CAUSATION. What I 8767 m wondering is what causes perfectly capable Homo sapiens to be incapable of processing reality. THATS WHAT I WANNA KNOW

Hypocrites? You 8767 re being too kind. They are crooked globalist socialists looking to raise their standard of living on the backs of the middle class. They are the enemy of the people.

Many of those scientists who signed the petition were likely encouraged to speak out in favor of the truth after retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist John L. Casey revealed that solar cycles are largely responsible for warming periods on Earth not human activity.

PhD Online programs are becoming popular at many universities. Most of the PhD Online programs can be completed almost entirely online, however some may require occasional attendance on campus. There has been advancement in technologies that have made PhD Online programs much more effective, such as interactive online classrooms and online libraries.

and that is fine. It isn 8767 t just about the individual doing something other then being mindful. It is up to the government and companies to research greentech compared to using oil. Even if you don 8767 t believe the serious damage we have done and are constantly doing, like it or not, oil is going to vanish. Once it does we will be stuck with machines that won 8767 t work anymore.

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