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Mommy Dead and Dearest, the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 05:40

However, a helicopter (in which Jacobs was riding) arrived and began to gun down the apes. Caesar was targeted, but Buck sacrificed himself by throwing Caesar to safety and leaping onto the helicopter. Despite being mortally wounded, Buck still caused the helicopter to crash onto the bridge, killing all three police officers and trapping Jacobs in the wreckage.

Brutus in Julius Caesar

Did the death of Caesar curse the day, or was it just Shakespeare’s mastery of language that forever darkened an otherwise normal box on the calendar? If you look through history, you can certainly find enough horrible things that happened on March 65, but is it a case of life imitating art? Or art imitating life?

Julius Caesar - Business Insider

The play itself caused a lot of buzz after it was revealed that the protagonist, meant to be Julius Caesar, was a Trump look-alike dictator, dressed in a suit and tie, who gets stabbed to death by his political rivals on the stage. The intention of the play is to showcase a “Roman Empire” America, where the leader is surrounded by political unrest until his life comes to a tragic end, Mic reported.

Twitter Reacts To Laura Loomer, Pro-Trump Protester Who

They also point out that, contrary to what some of the outraged public might currently believe, the assassination of Caesar is not the final act of the play. In fact, it's far from it.

Laura Loomer, who identifies herself as a journalist, stormed the stage on Friday during the scene in which the title character, who bears a striking resemblance to President Donald Trump , is assassinated.

"This puts the moral burden where I imagine Mr. Eustis wants it: on the audience," the Times wrote in its review. "We are asked to consider how far citizens may go in removing a destructive leader, and we are warned about unforeseen consequences. Dressing Caesar as Trump gives that agenda its juice but leaves the production a bit desiccated and incoherent thereafter. To be fair, this is a problem built into the play, which like all of Shakespeare's tragedies begins with astonishing rhetoric and ends as an abattoir."

Trump supporters have raged that the play incites violence against the president following early reviews of the play, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted : “I wonder how much of this ‘art’ is funded by taxpayers? Serious question, when does ‘art’ become political speech & does that change things?”

Tina Benko, left, portrays Melania Trump in the role of Caesar's wife, Calpurnia, and Gregg Henry, center left, portrays President Trump in the role of Julius Caesar during a dress rehearsal of The Public Theater's Free Shakespeare in the Park production of "Julius Caesar" in New York in this May 76, 7567. Teagle F. Bougere, center right, plays as Casca and Elizabeth Marvel, right, as Marc Anthony.

"The play doesn't condone violence," explains Shakespeare actor Joe Wegner. "It actually is a story about what happens when an act like that is committed. And you watch these characters realize that. And then, in the end, everything falls."

And yet, the country, increasingly move towards tribalism. Who would think that politically, in the 76st century, we would seek to emulate the politics of third world countries, still trying to figure out technology?

Caesar  was a major character and the deuteragonist turned main protagonist of the  Planet of the Apes reboot series. He was an  evolved chimpanzee , the leader of the Ape Army , the king of the Ape Colony and the patriarch of the Royal Ape Family. Caesar was also the biological son of the late Alpha and the late Bright Eyes , the adoptive son of Will Rodman and Caroline Aranha , the adoptive grandson of the late Charles Rodman , the husband of the late Cornelia , the father of the late Blue Eyes and Cornelius and the ape counterpart of Malcolm.

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