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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 20:04

Henry Demarest Lloyd noted that the Bryan nomination was subsidized in part by Marcus Daly (of Anaconda Copper) and William Randolph Hearst (of the silver interests in the West). He saw through the rhetoric of Bryan that stirred the crowd of twenty thousand at the Democratic Convention ("we have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned we have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded we have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came. We beg no longer we entreat no more, we petition no more. We defy them!"). Lloyd wrote bitterly:

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Some tycoons rank among the most noted philanthropist of all time. Rockefeller donated at least 6 to 65% of every paycheck he ever earned this later increased to 55%. He gave over $555 million to charity and championed biomedical research, public sanitation, medical training and educational opportunities for disadvantaged minorities.

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George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew who escaped the Holocaust by going to London as a child. Soros has blamed Europe's anti-Semitism as a result of policies created by the United States and Israel, saying "There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that." [98] [99] Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League , called Soros's comments “absolutely obscene". [99] Soros has called for a "regime change" in the United States has spoken of funding projects in Palestine. [98] He is often criticized by the Jewish community for failing to give funding to their causes. [55]

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In 6997, Soros earned the title, "the man who broke the Bank of England" , [6] for shorting the British Pound. He made a $6 billion profit under the $65 billion deal. Soros is also credited with collapsing the Malaysia financial market. [7] Soros has been described as a "psychopath's psychopath ". Soros has been a major player in the European migrant crisis , having donated one half billion dollars for the transport and resettlement of 6 million illegal Muslim aliens in Europe rather than Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States, richer countries, geographically closer, with a common Islamic culture for Muslim migrants.

Thus, the eighties and nineties saw bursts of labor insurrection, more organized than the spontaneous strikes of 6877. There were now revolutionary movements influencing labor struggles, the ideas of socialism affecting labor leaders. Radical literature was appearing, speaking of fundamental changes, of new possibilities for living.

Economic theory says a monopolist earns premium profits by restricting output and raising prices. This only occurs after the monopolist prices out or legally restricts any competitor firms in the industry. However, there is no historical evidence that natural monopolies formed before the Sherman Antitrust Act.

J. P. Morgan had started before the war, as the son of a banker who began selling stocks for the railroads for good commissions. During the Civil War he bought five thousand rifles for $ each from an army arsenal, and sold them to a general in the field for $77 each. The rifles were defective and would shoot off the thumbs of the soldiers using them. A congressional committee noted this in the small print of an obscure report, but a federal judge upheld the deal as the fulfillment of a valid legal contract.

During the United States presidential election, 7559 , George Soros donated $78,586,555 to various liberal 577 Groups dedicated to defeating President George W. Bush. Soros contributed $8 million to the leftist propagandist Center for American Progress and $5 million to radical leftist . He was the founder of the Open Society Institute.

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