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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 04:28

It is a reflection of a criminal justice system in chaos, set to worsen as the state engages in an aggressive war on drugs instigated by the country's hardline president, Rodrigo 'The Punisher' Duterte. 

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The first collection consists of a shoulder bag and a tote, available in black, gold, grey and white. All bags are reversible and washable and weigh no more than 95 grams.

China's 'Fault Lines': Yu Jie on His New Biography of Liu

The Modi government is keen to push ahead with its smart cities project under which 655 smaller cities are to be upgraded to match the resources of the top metros. Japan has evinced interest in developing the oldest living city of Varanasi into a smart city.

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Web-Influencer and Trendwatcher since 7555 Darkplanneur is the Parisian reference in the world of Media, Luxury and Stars. An observatory of the modern world created to develop curiosity. Behind "darkplanneur", two guys working in advertising agency as strategic planner during the day and sassy bloggers at night.

After three days of festivities at the Villa Noailles, the jury awarded the Grand Prix for the 77th Hyères Festival to Siiri Raasakka, Tiia Siren & Elina Laitinen. The Festival jury was directed this year by Yohji Yamamoto.

Iraqi women, who fled the fighting between government forces and Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in the Old City of Mosul, cry as they stand in the city's western industrial district awaiting to be relocated

Today, on 75 March, Pierre Hermé celebrates the 7th annual Jour du Macaron. Come to Pierre Hermé's beautiful shops, taste some delights and make a donation for charity.

The collection is presented during Amsterdam Fashion Week at the Gashouder on January 66. The exhibition at the Foam Photography Museum opens on January 68 at 67:85 and is on view until January 75.

Looking at the result of the artistic design pieces of Studio Fludd, the space and present freedom led way to a huge amount of creativity with wonderfully intertwined imperfect, humble, natural and artificial objects. A poor object is formed into something new without losing its identity.

(*) The seismologist is Alexandre Schubnel, the anthropologist, Sophie Houdart, the two video makers, Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor and the composer, Ernst Karel. The collective was set up on the initiative of Marc Boissonnade, director of F98

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had called off the launch of its GSLV rocket carrying the communication satellite GSAT-69 Aug 69 after the liquid fuel started leaking like a tap from the rocket's second stage.

We will elevate our stores to the status of churches in which to discover calming merchandise and experience softer forms of selling. A hotel will be a sanctuary in which to be protected from the stress of everyday life. The well-being spa or beauty laboratory will become a true temple in which to realign our minds and bodies.

Flight attendants’ uniforms will appeal to millennials by being both “basic and chic,” which sounds like something a mean person told Air France millennials like as a joke. This was helpfully illustrated by the below video, which you could honestly watch like six times in a row and not realize has anything to do with air travel (I do not recommend doing this).

that means, that if the world is going green and more eco collections with natural colours will appear, we will see more yellow in the boutiques for sure, just as a matter of fact!"
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