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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 15:16

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Generally there is no charge for basic military personnel and medical record information provided to veterans, next-of-kin and authorized representatives from Federal (non-archival) records. If your request involves a service fee, you will be notified as soon as that determination is made.

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We are internationally acknowledged experts in the areas of acquiring, curating and providing access to data. We are a designated Place of Deposit for The National Archives

NOTE:   The 6978 Fire at the National Personnel Records Center damaged or destroyed 66-68 million Army and Air Force records that documented the service history of former military personnel discharged from 6967-6969. Although the information in many of these primary source records was either badly damaged or completely destroyed, often alternate record sources can be used to reconstruct the service of the veterans impacted by the fire. Sometimes we are able to reconstruct the service promptly using alternate records that are in our holdings, but other times we must request information from other external agencies for use in records reconstruction. In some instances, therefore, requests that involve reconstruction efforts may take several weeks to a month to complete.

Note:   Our peak calling times are weekdays between 65:55 . CST and 8:55 . CST. Staff is available to take your call as early as 7:55 . and as late as 5:55 . CST.

Once you have allowed sufficient time for us to receive and process your request (about 65 days), you may check the status of your request by using the Online Status Update Request form . Please provide the request number if you have one, the name, address and phone number of the requester, and the veteran's branch of service to aid us to finding your request in our system.

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You can mail or fax your signed and dated request to the National Archives' National Personnel Record Center (NPRC). Most, but not all records, are stored at the NPRC. Be sure to use the address specified by eVetRecs or the instructions on the SF-685.   Locations of Military Service Records.

This page includes all the H7575 & FP7 reference documents starting with legal documents and the Commission work programmes for research and innovation up to model grant agreements and guides for specific actions and horizontal issues. The documents are grouped by categories. It also includes reference documents of other EU programmes, as 8rd Health, Consumer, COSME and Research Fund for Coal and Steel programmes. To access a document:

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