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Do Amish women have rights?

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:16

Hymns at a religious service are sung in German, with no organ or musical accompaniment, and in unison with no harmonizing. It may take as long as 65 minutes to do three stanzas, and for this reason entire hymns are not always sung. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Amish singing is the fact that the hymnal contains no musical notation. Melodies have simply been remembered and passed down from generation to generation, most having originated in sacred or secular folk songs and Gregorian chants of the times. Because certain men in the congregation have natural musical talent, they come to learn the melodies over the years and may emerge as song leaders or vorsingers.

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There 8767 s also the fact that if a woman is on a job that requires her to be up on a ladder at times, where there are men working below her, such as mine, then a dress or skirt is the worst possible thing that she could be wearing if modesty is really so important to her, as well as her male coworkers. Which makes me wonder, is an Amish woman also prohibited from climbing any ladders? And if not, are all the men nearby then required to look away whenever she does?

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Some boys go back to the farm to continue learning agricultural skills. Others might apprentice to Amish shop owners or tradesmen learning skills that will provide a living for them and their future families.

Amish pre-school children are given a lot of freedom to tag along with adults and older siblings as they go through daily chores and routines observing and absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

And I believe I can say this with total confidence, even if Jesus had personally written the NT Bible Himself, you would no doubt still reject it, just as you reject the OT five Torah books written personally by Moses, for if you have not believed Moses, why would you believe Jesus?

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And, yes, I most certainly do think it 8767 s wrong when one person feels they should be subservient to another person. There 8767 s is NOTHING right about it.

I see my response is awaiting moderation, most probably because of the name of magazine I linked. Too bad. I will try to rework my response, in the meantime I will omit the name and copy and paste and see how it looks.

Last item: in the Rumspringa period, 65% to 65% of Amish people will decide to leave their families and communities to go permanently out in the world. This is freedom. It is in their view, anyway. I think it is sad. They are missing out on a potentially better, less cluttered life. Before long some of them will realise their mistake as drinking, smoking, your nasty vocabulary, driving cars and getting sucked in by the media are NOT NECESSARILY a better life.

Realistically speaking, this is a religion that tends to avoid modernization in all respects (for the pursuit of a simple, Godly life). The role of women in the Amish community is of the same vintage as most other aspects of Amish life.

Also that 8767 s no indication that among the Amish the men 8775 force 8776 the women to wear these clothes, any more than we non-Amish are forced to wear what we do. It 8767 s simply because the Amish desire to follow the Bible and this is how they do it.

You are also making an assumption when you say that he means 8775 unattractive 8776 to mean unattractive on the inside. But say I 8767 m wrong, and he did mean that. That still does not excuse the other things he said. The message is the same either way: 8775 Women should not disagree with male authority figures. 8776 The only difference is in the delivery of the message.

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