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Personal factions arise most easily in small republics. Every domestic quarrel, there, becomes an affair of state. Love, vanity, emulation, any passion, as well as ambition and resentment, begets public division. The Neri and Bianchi of Florence , the Fregosi and Adorni of Genoa , the Colonesi and Orsini of modern Rome , were parties of this kind.


The battles of antiquity, both by their duration, and their resemblance to single combats, were wrought up to a degree of fury quite unknown to later ages. Nothing could then engage the combatants to give quarter, but the hopes of profit, by making slaves of their prisoners. In civil wars, as we learn from Tacitus 5 originally ' x7575 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 66 x7575 , the battles were the most bloody, because the prisoners were not slaves.

Classics in the History of Psychology -- Skinner (1948)

The account given by Appian 5 originally ' x7575 *' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 65 x7575 * of the treasure of the Ptolemies , is so prodigious, that one cannot admit of it and so much the less, because the historian says, that the other successors of Alexander were also frugal, and had many of them treasures not much inferior. For this saving humour of the neighbouring princes must necessarily have checked the frugality of the Egyptian monarchs, according to the foregoing theory. The sum he mentions is 795,555 talents, or 696,666,666 pounds 68 shillings and 9 pence, according to Dr. Arbuthnot ’s computation. And yet Appian says, that he extracted his account from the public records and he was himself a native of Alexandria.

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At the time of the writing, Rodriguez stated that &ldquo 95% of Americans say they believe in God or a supreme being.&rdquo Now let us consider upon what, surely massive, sample group the study was based: the Los Angeles Times stated that the researchers &ldquo interviewed 678 devout Christians in and around Chicago.&rdquo North Western University actually states, &ldquo The Northwestern University study sample included 678 highly religious and politically active Americans who attend church regularly.&rdquo

II. A wheel within a wheel, such as we observe in the German empire, is considered by Lord Shaftesbury 5 originally ' x7575 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 65 x7575 as an absurdity in politics: But what must we say to two equal wheels, which govern the same political machine, without any mutual check, controul, or subordination and yet preserve the greatest harmony and concord? To establish two distinct legislatures, each of which possesses full and absolute authority within itself, and stands in no need of the other’s assistance, in order to give validity to its acts this may appear, before-hand, altogether impracticable, as long as men are actuated by the passions of ambition, emulation, and avarice,

Every one knows the event of this quarrel fatal to the king first, to the parliament afterwards. After many confusions and revolutions, the royal family was at last restored, and the ancient government re-established. Charles II. was not made wiser by the example of his father but prosecuted the same measures, though at first, with more secrecy and caution. New parties arose, under the appellation of Whig and Tory , which have continued ever since to confound and distract our government. To determine the nature of these parties is, perhaps, one of the most difficult problems, that can be met with, and is a proof that history may contain questions, as uncertain as any to be found in the most abstract sciences. We have seen the conduct of the two parties, during the course of seventy

But the people must not pretend, because they can, by their consent, lay the foundations of government, that therefore they are to be permitted, at their pleasure, to overthrow and subvert them. There is no end of these seditious and arrogant claims. The power of the crown is now openly struck at: The nobility are also in visible peril: The gentry will soon follow: The popular leaders, who will then assume the name of gentry, will next be exposed to danger: And the people themselves, having become incapable of civil government,

Sub-Persons? A dependent person is a person who has less than the normal amount of intelligence , volition , or physiological independence. A guardian is a person who is responsible for the well-being of a dependent person and to that end may coerce that dependent person. Minor children are dependent persons, and their parents are usually their guardians. The other major group of dependent persons are the mentally disabled. Cetaceans and apes are not intelligent enough to be considered even dependent persons.

Fifthly , The greater part of the public stock being always in the hands of idle people, who live on their revenue, our funds, in that view, give great encouragement to an useless and unactive life.

But here there occurs a reflection, which may, perhaps, be useful in examining the celebrated controversy concerning ancient and modern learning where we often find the one side excusing any seeming absurdity in the ancients from the manners of the age, and the other refusing to admit this excuse, or at least, admitting it only as an apology for the author, not for the performance. In my opinion, the proper boundaries in this subject have seldom been fixed between the contending parties. Where any innocent peculiarities of manners are represented, such as those above mentioned, they ought certainly to be admitted and a man, who is shocked with them, gives

Relatively uncontentious assertions appear as normal text. Potentially contentious assertions appear like this . Denials of widely-held beliefs appear like this . Questions whose answers lie outside human knowledge appear like this.

The basic atheist opinion on miracles is certainly that they do not occur. But beyond dismissing all miracle claims out of hand, atheists are likely to, without evidence, claim that what are thought to be miracles are, in reality, merely the outworking of natural laws in rare and unexpected ways. Therefore, they place their &ldquo faith&rdquo in expecting that in future, science will find material explanations for unexplained miracles (the science of the gaps ). Considering this view, one can only wonder how or why any atheist would deny any miracle claim. Why would they not state something to the likes of, &ldquo Jesus did, in fact, resurrect from the dead but it was due to a genetic mutation, a coincidental intermingling of natural laws,&rdquo etc.?

When Alexander ordered all the exiles to be restored throughout all the cities it was found, that the whole amounted to 75,555 men 5 originally ' x6C6 x6C6 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 85 x6C6 x6C6 the remains probably of still greater slaughters and massacres. What an astonishing multitude in so narrow a country as ancient Greece ! And what domestic confusion, jealousy, partiality, revenge, heartburnings, must tear those cities, where factions were wrought up to such a degree of fury and despair.

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