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And the new Term Options? These have opened up a critical door for discerning website owners and SEO-savvy developers by allowing you to provide a unique headline and unique content for any type of category, tag, or taxonomy page.

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[ ] 8775 Thesis and Genesis Compared 8776 from Art of Blog compares two of the leading WordPress themes. One of the criteria that the article uses to assess the themes is support and documentation. [ ]

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I have been wringing my hands over going with Genesis or Thesis. I found this extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I appreciate it.

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But this has been my favorite post so far on Genesis and did not even know much about Thesis until now since I am just diving into WordPress, committed, having decided it is about time I get away from HTML and Dreamweaver and spend more time on marketing and content. The added comments for 7 years strong is just as valuable as the OP!

Again, I 8767 m not a security expert, but I haven 8767 t had any issues with security in two years of working with Thesis. To my knowledge, neither have any of my clients.

We are not all web designers. We cannot work from a blank canvas then create professional layouts with navigation gradients, css borders, hover buttons etc.

To me, that would just add one more layer of flexibility to Genesis. Child themes are great, but most people want their site to look unique. Giving the non-coding crowd a chance to change a few colors/fonts/etc. without having to dig into CSS or pay someone would be great.

To see the details of each subsequent release following Genesis , here are some links:

The body element exposes as event handler content attributes a number of the event handlers of the Window object. It also mirrors their event handler IDL attributes.

Notice the use of footer to give the information for each comment (such as who wrote it and when): the footer element can appear at the start of its section when appropriate, such as in this case. (Using header in this case wouldn't be wrong either it's mostly a matter of authoring preference.)

That being said Thesis also has it 8767 s advantages. Many that have been stated above. I have yet to play with the new loop and love the flexibility of the Multimedia box, although I have been able to mimic it in Genesis, although it took a lot more effort to do so. I think if design options are your thing, I agree Thesis has the edge (which is probably more pertinent for the non-developers) But as a developer, I think both have equal advantages for customization of functions and css.

Trump and his family will never feel the impacts of slashing environmental regulations — but working class communities like the one I grew up in will suffer.

fantastic post thank you very much for this resource. I 8767 m a graphic designer trying to appreciate the mechanics of the WordPress system, so I can design for it better. I will keep this as a cool reference.

Well the last comment is more of a compliment for Thesis. Genesis child themes get you something to start with, but Thesis gives you unmatched typography and a blank canvas with unlimited flexibility and scope for your creative juices to flow.

I 8767 m a PHP developer and I build Both Joomla and WordPress templates and I 8767 ve always done my templates starting from scratch, from a base scheleton and going over, sometimes enjoying Smarty framework for really customized projects. But the fact is that no matter how many lines you write describing a Item against another and how complete such comparation is, because you will never have the right idea until you do not try by your own.

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