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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

If you know how to do it all already, and you are willing to dig into the WordPress Codex as well as your own experience to put a theme together from scratch, there is absolutely no reason to use Thesis. Isn 8767 t that a given?

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While there are no excuses for this (that most people will actually care about), it happens. I assure you that the DIY Themes team did not let you down on purpose.

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I 8767 ve uploaded Part 7 of my Introduction to Data Science with R video series to YouTube. This latest video wraps up the series by showing how all the work culminates in a top 65% finish on the Kaggle Titanic leaderboard only using 9 features! I 8767 ve had a ton of fun making the video and connecting with folks from all over the world. All code for the series is available from my GitHub.

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I agree, Chris. It 8767 s really the Thesis community that needs to stand up now. I will be the first to admit that I haven 8767 t done much since Thesis 7 dropped. However, I believe in leading by example. I wasn 8767 t going to push Thesis 7 heavily until I put my own site on it which was only a couple of days ago.

Love it brilliant, only read down to Home Page, and will be taking it all in later. What 8767 s the saying? KISS Keep It simple stupid.
I am a beginner in this world, but I will get there and design a simple Thesis website in the next few weeks with your help, Sean
Keep the posts coming .. or is it content? Prefer a BLT rather than an HMLT.
Mark B

I don 8767 t mind you plugging the site at all. People need to know what it takes to use the framework and Rick 8767 s information is solid. It 8767 s really unfortunate that Thesis 7 wasn 8767 t as easy for the average user as a lot of us expected it to be. But like you said, once you understand it, there 8767 s definitely a reason for those who understand theme development to call it powerful. It really is.

Nice article but pointless! An here you are an argument customers are upset because the first customers were really busy people, who wanted to DIY, and they did, and when the 7 version came out, they were busy with the learning curve instead of doing what they are best in and this is not coding.

Pearson hasn’t addressed any of his customers concerns via any official DIY channel (blog or forum), but has spent a good amount of time spouting drivel on twatter (sorry, twitter).

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